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Drew  Young
Golf Coach

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Golf Coach



Golf tryouts for F.M.S. will be Tuesday, February 13th, 2018 at 3:30 P.M.  The location will be Pebble Creek Golf Club (2216 Lewisburg Highway).  Information sheets and a sign-up sheet are available in the front office of F.M.S.


If you need to contact me for further information, I can be reached at Fayetteville High School (931) 433-3158.



 2018 SEASON:






PRACTICES:  We will practice on Mondays from 3:30 P.M. until 5:30 P.M. at Pebble Creek Golf Club (formerly known as Fayetteville Country Club).  Please bring your clubs, golf or athletic shoes, appropriate clothing for the weather, and hydration (water or sports drink), and snack or money for snack (if you choose).  If we must cancel due to weather or conflict, I will let you know by text message as quickly as I know.


EQUIPMENT:  At all practices, please bring the following:


·         Golf bag, clubs, and golf balls.


·         Golf shoes or athletics shoes (No metal spikes).


·         Hat or visor, if desired.


·         Appropriate clothing for the weather conditions.  No tee shirts.  Most golf courses require that you wear a shirt with a collar (such as a polo type shirt).  If it is cold, I don’t care what you wear for practice as long as you are comfortable.


·         Jacket and/or rain jacket.


·         Umbrella.


·         Water or sports drink. In warm weather this is IMPORTANT.  You will be doing a lot of walking and you need to stay HYDRATED.  There are water coolers on most courses, where you can refill your water container.






TRANSPORTATION:  Student/Athletes must make arrangements for their own transportation to and from practices.  I will be transporting as many players as my vehicle will accommodate to away matches.  I am asking that any parents that plan on attending away matches to volunteer with transportation, if needed.  I will be providing Release of Liability forms for all participants/parents to complete.




MATCHES:  This year we are opening the golf team to 6th graders.  I would like to see F.M.S. golf team grow and succeed.  We will be limited to a certain number of players during matches.  I will decide on starting players based on grade status (upper classmen getting first priority) and the player’s ability.  I hope to have as many, or all, of our team members playing at home matches.


Pebble Creek has asked us to schedule our matches on any day except Thursdays.  Preferably matches will be on a Monday or Tuesday.  Away matches and tournament could be any day of the week, so plan accordingly (See Schedule).


For all matches, you will need to wear golf or athletic shoes, school golf shirt, khaki shorts or pants.  Girls may wear golf skirts of their choosing, if they desire.  If you wear a hat or visor, please wear a FMS hat or visor, golf apparel hat/visor (Nike, Titleist, TaylorMade, Top Flight, Calloway, etc.), or a solid white, blue, or orange hat/visor.  Please do not wear your John Deere or Nashville Predators hat and I will not wear mine.




PARENTS:  I welcome and encourage you to be a part of this process.  We cannot succeed without parental support.  Please try to insure that your child is at all practices.  Please come to me or contact me by phone if there is a problem or issue.  Golf is a sport that you can enjoy with your child and I encourage you to get your child on a course at every opportunity.  Golf is a sport that they can play for the rest of their life, so be encouraging to them.  Parents are allowed to attend matches at no cost/no admission fee, but if you want a golf cart, you will have to rent it.  Do not allow any player to ride in your golf cart.  Parents may walk the course free of charge.  Please be respectful and quiet when players are addressing the ball and do not cross a fairway while the ball is in play.






·         My first goal is to help your child to become a better golfer and reach their highest potential on the course AND in the classroom.


·         ACADEMICS before athletics.  Athletics helps a student to become a more “rounded” student.  I expect student/golf members to maintain at least passing grades, but I prefer GOOD grades.  If you are failing any of your classes, it is likely that you will not start in any of the matches during that grading period.  If golf is interfering with student success, please let me know and we will work to balance the two or arrange tutoring.


·         Golf is a team sport and it is an individual effort.  I expect athletes to give their best to support their team, but at this level, winning is not always the “name of the game”.  I hope that each and every one of your children improves and hopefully participates at the high school level.  It is my goal that you child enjoys golf and will continue playing golf for life.






·         ACADEMICS before athletics.  Athletics helps a student to become a more “rounded” student.  I expect student/golf members to maintain at least passing grades, but I prefer GOOD grades.  If golf is interfering with student success, please let me know and we will work to balance the two or arrange tutoring.


·         GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP:  Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose.  Sometimes we play well, sometimes we do not.  I expect my players to exhibit good sportsmanship and to be courteous and respectful to everyone.


·         LEARNING THE RULES AND THE GAME:  I don’t expect you to know everything, but we will need to understand the rules in order to play the game better.  We will learn throughout the year.


·         HONESTY:  Be honest about your game and your number of strokes.  This is the only way that you will ever know if you are improving at golf.


·         TEAMWORK:  Support one another.  Help one another.  Be respectful of one another.


·         HAVE FUN!!!!!!!  This is a sport.  Enjoy it and enjoy the experience with your team mates.






·         Play as often as you can.


·         Practice in the back yard on your short game or if you have a net.


·         WALK, WALK, WALK!  Start walking now, each and every single day.


·         Practice your swings.  Using plastic or foam practice balls, practices your swings every day.  Even if you don’t have practice balls, get out in your yard and practice good swings with all of your clubs.


·         Watch golf on television and on videos (YouTube) to learn new and good techniques.


·         Go to a driving range, if possible.






·         Parents/players are required to provide khaki shorts or pants.  These can be found at Wal Mart or Goodwill at a decent price.


·         Players are to provide their own bag, clubs, and golf balls.  Again, Goodwill often has good clubs pretty cheap.  Play It Again Sports has great used clubs.  Also, on the corner of South Morgan Avenue and College Street (U-Haul) has an enormous inventory of used golf clubs at very reasonable prices.  If you cannot afford clubs, see me please.  We will work something out or I may have a set or can locate a set that your child can borrow for the season.


·         Traditionally, golfers have purchased their F.M.S. match shirts at the beginning of the season for around $25.00 to $30.00.  This allows the athlete to keep his/her shirt at the end of the season.  We will continue this tradition and I will give you an order form for shirts.




I am committed to working hard and I hope that your child has an enjoyable golf season and grows as a person, a student, and a golfer.