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Lunch Times:

5th & 6th Grades

11:41 AM - 12:11 PM

7th & 8th Grades 

12:33 PM - 1:03 PM

 Lunch prices are as follows: 


$1.25 (regular) - $.30 (reduced)


Milk: $.35

Juice: $.50


$2.50 (regular) - $.40 (reduced)

Teacher/Staff Lunch: $3.00

Adult Visitor: $3.50                                  

Students’ lunchroom accounts are computerized. Students must know the last four digits of their social security number to key in the computer. In order to keep the serving line moving more efficiently thus giving children more time to eat, we encourage parents to deposit money in the cafeteria account on a monthly or at least weekly basis.

To help with this process, we now have an on-line system that will allow you to make deposits into your student's school meal accounts.

You will still be able to send payment to the school.  When sending money for the cafeteria account, please place the money or check in an envelope and label as follows:

 “Cafeteria Account”

  1. First and Last Name of Child
  2. Four Digit Code
  3. Homeroom Teacher
  4. Amount to be Deposited
  5. Date

When sending a check, it is imperative that the child’s first and last name is written on the check and labeled “cafeteria” to ensure it is deposited into the proper account.  According to new child nutrition guidelines, "restaurant" food may not be brought into the school cafeteria. Parents are welcome and encouraged to purchase an adult meal in the cafeteria.   Please sign in, obtain a visitor’s pass in the office, and walk with your child’s class to the cafeteria.