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FMS 8th Grade Supply List


Reading and English

1 - 1 & 1/2in. 3 Ring Binder

Set of Dividers

2 Composition Notebooks

2 Pack of Highlighters (Yellow, Pink, Green, Blue)

*****Required Summer Reading - I have Lived a Thousand Years by Livia Britton-Jackson******



1 - 1in. or 1 & 1/2in. Three Ring Binder

1 Composition Notebook


Social Studies

1 - Composition Book

1 - Pack of 3x3 post-it notes



1 - 2in. Three Ring Binder

1 Package of 5 Dividers

3 Highlighters


2 Expo Markers


Items for all subjects:

Loose Leaf Notebook Paper

Pencils (Wooden Pencils Only----No Mechanical Pencils)

Colored Pencils






Fayetteville Middle School

8th Grade Welcome Letter


To the parents/guardians and students of the 8th grade, we all welcome you to an exciting year ahead for 2016-2017.  We are all very excited to have you as part of the 'Eighth Grade Family' this year.  We have heard for the past two years what an exceptional group of students are in this class.  That brings forth new expectations and renewed energy to our teachers. 

Look forward to new experiences, new challenges, new teachers, new procedures, new knowledge, and new relationships that will follow you for a long time after this year is over.

We, as eighth grade teachers, realize that you are not long before embarking on your high school career, and we are to prepare you for much tougher challenges ahead.  With that task before us all, we will have rigor, discipline, respect, and gratitude for each other as you begin your last quest to reach the High School ranks.  At the same time, we also believe in being professional, personal, prepared, proficient, efficient, effective, and at times.....a little bit of fun.  We challenge you to be the same.

Your teachers for the upcoming year will be:

Mrs. Linda Dorris......Reading

Ms. McLean Whitt...English

Mrs. Cheri McVay...Math

Mr. Steve Gipson....Social Studies

Mr. Mike Leopard...Science


Please feel free to contact any of us at any time that you need directions of how to navigate the 8th grade successfully. 

Welcome aboard for a wonderful year with an awesome team!